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The (unmanned) flight of the second prototype

We flew on a wide area with the second prototype and the result was excellent, as shown in the video. The parameters were very well adjusted and 100% stable in all flight modes. This would be the last test before flying the vehicle on board, however we had a crash due to human error on the 3rd flight (I interfered with a radio command while the system was in the middle of an auto-tuning process). I did not add the moment of the crash in this video, but at the end of the project I will show all the crashes that occurred during this long trajectory, as proof of resilience. For now I will need to redo the frame because it is condemned according to our structural (conservative) analysis. I also need to replace one motor and propellers; fortunately, all ESCs are intact, as are the flight controller and accessories. I will not give up; the new framework will be even better than this one.

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