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Checking motor's thrust

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Today we checked the maximum thrust for the motor with our first-try propeller (32" x 12). We've built a wood-made arm in balance with a load cell, connected to an Arduino Nano, providing real-time information about the load. Of course, we first calibrated with a dynamometer for several points and the relationship seemed "very linear". In the end we got 41 kgf as maximum thrust... This is not enough thrust for our design since 41 x 6 = 246 kgf. We estimate a total weight (with the pilot) around 200 kg, thus in this case we would hover at 80% of max thrust. We want to be between 50% and 70% of maximum thrust because that's the range where the motor is most responsive for a not-so-bad consumption..

I believe we have to change propellers to a 40"diameter, keeping the same pitch. Ok, let's contact China again during the dawn.

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