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A Tribute to the Third Prototype

This video is a tribute to our HDP03. Alvaro and I feel that we have developed everything possible to do in a home garage, using only hobby parts and inexpensive components. That was the challenge, so we believe the mission has been accomplished! I can easily say that we had so much fun and learned a lot from this aircraft. It was intensive R&D with lots of hands-on activities and trial-and-error approaches, but in the end, we succeeded. This aircraft flew a lot, beautifully and safely. I'm very proud, not just of the vehicle itself, but for everything we've planned and developed, such as the flight panels, telemetry interfaces, joystick control, and much more. All these features, plus body protections like the plexiglass and the wire mesh around the cockpit, have pushed the aircraft to its weight limit. So, there's no more room for additional creations inside this beautiful toy. Therefore, I think it's time to retire this unforgettable flying machine. But I wouldn't do this without making a video with the best shots of the HDP03 flights!

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